Device operation is easy and intuitive. All the settings are stored in nonvolatile memory. They are restored instantly when you turn the power on.

Great company with great products! Very fast shipping too! The amp is awesome! And thanks to the guys in Italy that handled the transaction, shipping and communications. Great job guys.! Thanks for a very positive experience. I look forward to getting this amp set up in my rig with my MIDI controller, etc. Such a powerful, flexible amp in a 1U rack is amazing! Very happy with my purchase! This is a great wah that takes up hardly any space on your pedal board.

One of the settings has really great crybaby like tones as well! Ivan and the AMT team were very helpful in answering all my questions about my order. Works beautifully!! I don't have the space for a vox and this is definitely a great substitute for one.

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Audio to MIDI, mp3 to MIDI, wav to MIDI...

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Make an Offer.MIDI Guitar 2 is the most ambitious guitar processor ever made. Load complex plugin patches at the press of a MIDI pedalboard. Hardware systems for generating MIDI output from guitars are often expensive, impractical and unreliable.

What are the minimum system requirements? Mac users: -MacOS X Windows users: -Any non-ancient version of Windows ie. Older netbooks will struggle. Can i use the license on 2 or more computers?

Download your license file from the order confirmation email. Note, the link is not a webpage — depending on email client it might open a blank page. But there is a file there.

Save this file somewhere safe, for example to your Documents folder. You only need to save the license file. You can not and should not open it.

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A file dialog will pop up. Now navigate to the file directory where you saved the license file and select the license file. Please, once more Thus, you can now :. MIDI Guitar is the worlds first low latency, polyphonic software solution, allowing you to play both chords and single notes with instant audio feedback. Traditionally guitarists have had to seek out expensive and inconvenient hardware to be able to use a guitar as a MIDI controller.

MIDI Guitar removes the need for any kind of specialized hardware beside a standard guitar interface to connect your guitar to your computer. There is also an app for iOS. The best way is to try it out. Revolutionary Guitar Processor that listens and recognizes what you play….

No Hardware or Tweaking needed. Truly Polyphonic and Articulate. Ultra Low Latency.Read more. Erogonomic, fast, just like driving a car with steering wheel.

Fast and convenient like you've never experienced. Lightroom usage with MIDI controller is way more easy and convenient and also quicker than hassling with a mouse or touchpad. Check the options at the menu bar above. Register our PRO-website. You can get access to controller guides, installation guides, videos, downloads and more explanation.

According to a software developer we contacted at Phase One, the new CO12 SDK only supports roundtrip and export functions for 3rd party softwares at the moment and does not include the API that allows slider movements.

At the moment Capture One can be controlled with a hardware controller only via emulated Keyboard Shortcuts and with Tangent controllers which have default factory support from Phase One. The former is not so smooth as it should be although it worksthe latter is perfect but costs a fortune unfortunately.

Yes it is possible! Altough this is not a website that deals with other apps than Lightroom, but this time we make an exception. I admit it I hardly believed this a couple of months ago. I've purchased a Tangent Ripple and a Capture One subscription in order to make a review to you despite that this website deals with Lightroom. Using a MIDI controller for photo processing is quite a new movement in the world.

If you register, you will get access to complete installation guides with videos, more explanation about the topic, and description of suitable MIDI Controllers on the market as well as downloads. Read more Erogonomic, fast, just like driving a car with steering wheel.

Read more Fast and convenient like you've never experienced. Lightroom is a registered trademark of Adobe. Why to use a MIDI controller? How do I start? GO PRO! We've created a fully working version of Loupedeck with Capture One Pro! Read more Page 1 of 3 Start Prev 1 2 3 Next End.

Login Form. Remember Me. Log in. Lightroom plugins detailed here are developed by independent persons or companies, we do not have any agreement or contract with them.You have many audio files on your computer, like mp3 or in iTunes or on CD.

As a musician, you can't print sheet music from your files. Unless with much work and your time. You can't extract an change single instruments in a sequencer. You can't program your keyboard with your music You can't change single instruments and leave the rest like it is.

You can't use your music as ring tones on simple cell phones that support only MIDI files. You can't? Sure you can. Using the software that i listed below will help you. Those programs have different strengths and I describe the most important of them.

You decide. If you can't decide, have a look at WIDI first. Soooo many programs that can convert audio to MIDI. Which should I take? I give the secret away about the most important points to choose an audio to MIDI program. Every music we hear usually is polyphonic music. This means we hear several sounds at the same time. A program that you chose should recognize this polyphonic music.

If a program fails to do so it is monophonic. There are plenty of audo formats a program should understand. Some programs understand only one formatthat maybe not much in use any more. A program that is so flexible that it supports more than one operating systemsis marked positive. You should download and check out a test version if that is possible. Intelliscore Standard. Intelliscore Polyphonic.The question is — are we that bothered?

In it I suggested that although MIDI is an awesome thing there are elements that are restrictive, frustrating or just a bit dodgy. In our little corner of the internet it caused a bit of stir as people quite rightly came to an often emotional defence of the ancient 5-pin DIN-based technology.

At that time MIDI 2. Two years down the road, MIDI 2. What I mean is that so many of the responses I got to the original article were about how happy people were with MIDI. It makes me wonder how many people actually have a MIDI 2. So, in essence, MIDI 2.

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Profiles will allow for automatic and global mapping of parameters and at all times it will be able to drop to MIDI 1. Support for higher resolution data and individual note MPE will be baked in. These are all great and useful things but I wonder whether existing technology has already overtaken this future.

Bidirectional control that reveals parameters is available in devices that support OSC and is already used in many controllers, particularly those built for Ableton Live.

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Hardware controllers are increasingly integrated with DAWs and other pieces of software. Consider the NKS system from Native Instruments where their controller keyboards map themselves automatically to any compatible instruments or effects. So many of the things that MIDI 2.

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Part of MIDI control within a studio or performance environment is how you put the hardware and software together. Those are worthwhile tasks that teach you a lot about your gear and how it works.

So again I wonder who this is for? Much of the driving force comes from the people behind ROLI. From a general manufacturers point of view it gives them all a chance to sell us yet another controller, but this time with MIDI 2.


How much of this higher resolution and enhanced protocols am I actually going to use? How contrary am I? MIDI 2. I submit that the premise of your whole argument is flawed because of the contextual box you are put into by the physics of a keyboard.

As usual, MIDI is being discussed by a musician who uses a traditional keyboard controller. Keyboards are the most restrictive, non-expressive musical instruments. You want evidence?


Look at a piano, the keyboard which started the controller type. The piano is a serial pitch device. Pitch goes up and down; it is bi-directional. A piano cannot play in between the 12 note scale. Yes, MIDI 1.Noiseless power supply for this device is purchased separately you can choose :. Midi cables for this device are purchased separately:. Device operation is easy and intuitive.

All the settings are stored in nonvolatile memory. They are restored instantly when you turn the power on.


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Remember me. English English Italiano. Price in points: 62 points. Reward points: points. Availability: In stock. Add to cart Add to wish list. Your name. Your rating Excellent! Very Good Average Fair Poor. Your message. Anti-bot validation. Available soon. All you need is here! MIDI cabled. Battery Power: no. Built-in power splitter: no. Cable Included: no.

Input consumption current mA : It is for bass guitar: yes. It is for electric guitar: yes. Material: steel. Power supply included: no.You must be logged in as a TMA member to download the spec. Clicking on the link will take you to the signup page to either create an account or log in.

Back inmusical instrument companies that competed fiercely against one another nonetheless banded together to create a visionary specification—MIDI 1. Nearly four decades on, it's clear that MIDI was crafted so well that it has remained viable and relevant.

Its ability to join computers, music, and the arts has become an essential part of live performance, recording, smartphones, and even stage lighting. Now, MIDI 2. Here's why MIDI 2. MIDI 1. MIDI 2. They can also exchange information on functionality, which is key to backward compatibility—MIDI 2.

To deliver an unprecedented level of nuanced musical and artistic expressiveness, MIDI 2. Controllers are now easier to use, and there are more of them: over 32, controllers, including controls for individual notes.

What is MIDI 2.0, and what does it mean for musicians and producers?

Enhanced, bit resolution gives controls a smooth, continuous, "analog" feel. New Note-On options were added for articulation control and precise note pitch.

In addition, dynamic response velocity has been upgraded. What's more, major timing improvements in MIDI 2. MIDI gear can now have Profiles that can dynamically configure a device for a particular use case. If a control surface queries a device with a "mixer" Profile, then the controls will map to faders, panpots, and other mixer parameters. But with a "drawbar organ" Profile, that same control surface can map its controls automatically to virtual drawbars and other keyboard parameters—or map to dimmers if the profile is a lighting controller.

This saves setup time, improves workflow, and eliminates tedious manual programming.